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Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Used it everything from wrist watches to supercomputers, Linux is a free and open source operating system that is used by the vast majority website servers. Companies of all business sectors on earth turn to Linux because of it’s free (open source) nature and extremely powerful capabilities. The average webmaster or programmer often choses Linux because it provides them with limitless flexibility and control. The ability to run technologies like Mysql, PHP, Apache, Nginx, Ruby, Perl, go, java, VPNs, proxies and more free of charge makes Linux the obvious choice in operating system for programmers, websites and technology based companies.


CheapVPS LLC provides the highest quality Linux VPS Hosting. Accounts are provisioned instantly and provide full root shell access, dedicated IPv4 IP address, control panel for reboots, reinstalls, resource stats, DNS control and instant activation on all orders.

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