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VPS Applications List
Our VPS hosting solutions give you access to templates to automatically deploy the following applications completely FREE of charge.


CMS (Content Management Systems)

EtherPad LiteetherpadJoomla!joomla_logoDrupaldrupliconEZ Publishez-logoElggelgg
 e107e107_logoConcrete5concrete5 b2evolutionb2evolution Clipbucketclipbucket-logo Maharamahara
 MamboOmekaomekaimageOpenphoto openphotoosCommerce oscommerce Ploneplonelogo
Silverstripesilverstripe PliggPHP-NukeTypo3 TomatoCart
XoopsZen CartWordPressMediaWiki Gallery
 PrestaShop MagentoMindTouch Core Twiki
 MoodleMoveable TypeDokuWiki MoinMoin
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